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More about me

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I've been writing stories since I was little. I remember bringing my notebook outside with me to scribble things while watching our neighbor’s horse grazing in its pasture. I would spend long moments studying the clouds, or the sunset, or going on lone adventures in the thick forest around our house. I was making up stories anywhere I went. 


As a teenager, I participated in online roleplaying games. Inventing very dramatic stories alongside my online friends and loving every minute of it. This is when I realized how much I loved to write. 


But then adult life took over. For a period of several years, I didn't write at all. I felt I had to focus on more "important" things. I moved from Norway to the US for a few years and then back again. I had many adventures, but something was always missing.


Writing my way through grief 


After returning to Norway, to an apartment next to forests, mountains and a lake, I started writing again. It became a way for me to work through my grief. Many years had passed since I lost my parents and sister, but I was still in pain. At times it felt I couldn’t breathe and that I was weighed down by bricks. Writing became a way to unravel all the stuck emotions I was still carrying around with me. I began to move through the darkness. 


I put my reflections into a series of blog posts, which I gathered in a book I named From Darkness to Light. I also wrote a short story on grief I called The Little Flower as well as a short book on connecting with my Divine Mother - Whispers of the Goddess. 


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Current projects 


These days I’m working on my first book in a fantasy series called Priestess of Light. It's a story about a magical priestess who has to face and defeat a dragon with the help of her friends. Read more about it here.



When I'm not writing


I like spending time with my husband and friends. I drink a lot of tea and enjoy visiting cozy cafes. I also enjoy traveling a few times every year, seeing new places, new countries. Finding new inspiration for my stories. 


l love going for walks in nature. Since I was a kid I’ve enjoyed sitting somewhere beautiful and observe the world around me. The sky, the trees, rain on leaves. I always feel connected to something magical, mysterious - something higher through the natural world around me. I seek to deepen my connection with the divine every day. 


Thank you for visiting. 



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