Autumn Equinox 2015

Henry Ryland

Henry Ryland

I watched the sun slowly brightening the forest, shining on autumn leaves. It was as though a great veil was being lifted, and the world seemed sparkly clean and new.

It rained all night and I listened to it, alone in the darkness, drifting off to sleep, being woken by my own dreams.

Today is the Equinox and I want to be quiet, to reflect on something, something speaking to me, that needs me to understand.

I gathered flowers from the field, but they were already faded, already seemed pale and brown around the edges as I placed them on my table. But that is autumn, everything dying away, turning into snow, into sleep and a frozen earth.

I know I will love the first snowfall, the silence deepening. But that is still a few months away. Right now is the harvest, and the autumn equinox, and I will go into the forest and stay there for a time, just listening and let the trees, the wind speak to me. I want to be near the stream and feel the strange darkness in everything, even as the trees, the leaves turn to fire.


I sat in the forest, in a sliver of sunlight between the trees. I watched the sun slip lower in the sky, tall pines swaying above me, glittering with rain. I took my shoes off and sang a mantra, feeling that I was calling upon the Goddess to come to my aid. I imagined her as a fierce warrior, stepping forward, wielding her sword.  

I’m sharing this video below, because it’s from the first Autumn Equinox I celebrated. I was given the task of representing the Goddess, and I was very nervous. I felt weak that day, but I remember watching the wicker man go up in flames, and I dreamed of courage. 

This is the ceremony we did.

How did you celebrate the Equinox? 

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