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Beautiful Dreams

Sometimes I have dreams that feel like a gift.

Last night I was in a beautiful landscape, and my spirit soaked it up like rain water. I remember simply watching the clouds, feeling the wind in my hair, thinking, I’m gathering jewels in my soul because it was all so beautiful. I thought of the Goddess as I fell asleep, and maybe she brought me a moment of magic, of beauty. 

The dream world tends to be even more vibrant and colorful than this one, those moments when it shows up crystal clear. 

And then I woke up and heard the morning birds, the ones calling out the time before sunrise. The world was a soft, dark blue and they must be different birds than the ones singing during the day because they sound different, mystical, magical. I listened for a while and then got up, crawled into bed, because I had fallen asleep on the couch. I’ve been sick with a stomach virus, but I feel a bit better today, on the inside as well. Maybe my dreams revived me a little. I feel I can write again. 

I stood by the window, in my chilled, almost frozen bedroom, and watched the moon. A winter cold moon I thought, even though it’s spring. It was round and full and the world had fallen silent around it. 

I feel I live for drops of beauty in my life, moments I can tuck away somewhere inside of me. And they are everywhere, especially in spring when the world is ready to burst forth with color, and yet is taking its time doing it. In a way, I’m glad because then there is time to watch it happen. Yesterday my husband and I drove to look for something he lost while stopping along the road a few days ago. We ended up wading through a hill full of windflower, which made me want to lie down among them and feel their voices. We didn’t find what we came for, but we got to be in an ocean of white for a while. 

I also wanted to share some videos with you. There’s a series of them, where myself and others are talking about astral projection, dreams etc. You can also see my husband there, a guy with dark curly hair and a friendly face. I feel a bit shy sharing, just because it’s hard to see myself on video, but maybe you’d like to watch them. 


The Valkyrie's Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes

The Valkyrie’s Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes

Thinking about gifts made me remember something else I was given, after the many losses in my family. The mom of a friend gave me a tiny angel in stainless steel, with the words HOPE written on it. That too felt very special to me. She said she had bought in the US.

How strange that a few years later I would move to California for love, for adventure, finding my own hope and life there. 

That angel was special to me. I kept it on my night stand. After my dad passed away I became very curious about what happens when we die, where we go. I searched online, and bought books, trying to learn as much as I could about astral projection. I would then go to sleep concentrating on my little angel, seeing it my mind’s eye, because that’s what I had read I should do.

This is how I had my first out of body experience, which became a portal for me, a doorway into a new way of seeing the world, and my life in it. I realized there was so much more than I’d been taught to believe. There was a whole new realm full of magic and possibilities, where I could fly and move through doors, visit distant places. And it was real, very real, as vivid as my life here. 

An article on astral projection 

Slipping into the Astral

burnejones23I dreamt was in a big, stone building with other people that I knew. We were spending the night there, and I was captivated by a feeling of beauty, inspired by the hills outside my window. Yellow summer hills, with warm breezes blowing. 

I’m not sure what made it so magical, as this is not a scenery I’m usually drawn to (I prefer green over yellow), but there was just something so wonderful about it, – a  soft glow permeating everything. 

Soon I left my bed and flew out my window. I wish I remember more of it now, what I saw, what happened next. But what stays with me is the feeling of being perfectly happy being near this place, looking at it, resting in it, totally overcome by its beauty.

It’s been more than 10 years since I had my first experience with astral projection. Since then I’ve had many experiences, but lately I haven’t felt inspired. And I forget how important it is to be inspired! 

Being inspired changes everything; it helps me remember the mystical side of life,  helps me remember the astral as I fall asleep. 

A friend made the video above, and I could feel myself in some of the places shown there. I could see myself land on the soft grass outside Glastonbury Tor.

I yearned to meet angels and mythical creatures, and explore the mysteries of sacred sites.

So I wanted to share this video with you, in hope that it will help you as well. If you yearn for magic, then truly there is no place more magical than the astral. It’s what made magic come alive for me, when I had stopped believing that it was real.

And then there is also this amazing series by total view on astral projection, where you see me interviewed a few times.

Have you had experiences in the astral?

Love and light.




My First Astral Projection (Out of Body Experience)

1463091_599907573391782_537490665_nI remember my first astral projection very well. It was a few days before Christmas. I was grieving the loss of my dad.

I went to bed in the middle of the day.

I remember “waking up” to a loud and very strange noise. I remember thinking of a train, though that doesn’t quite describe it. I was on my side when I looked at my hand, expecting to see it shaking, only to see it lying there perfectly still, perfectly normal.

The sound went away within a few moments and called out to my brother and his wife who were in the living room, at the end of the hallway. I tried to lift my head from my pillow, but it felt incredibly heavy. I could barely move it. Feeling scared, I called out for help a second time.

Suddenly I found that I could move again, and got up.

I remember hearing voices, as though someone had turned on the radio. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hallway. Just as I reached the living room door, I woke up in my bed.

This experience, though a little frightening, excited me more than anything else. I had done it! I had actually had an out of body experience! I couldn’t wait to try it again.

Later I learned that feeling paralyzed was a normal process of astral projection. That it happens when the body falls asleep and the ability to move hasn’t yet transferred to the astral body. The best thing to do is to relax and wait for it to pass.

Astral projection  changed the way I saw life. I now knew there was so much more than what the eye can see. There was magic, real true magic. And I knew that I could exist outside my physical body, and that there was a whole other world waiting to be explored.

How Astral Projection Changed Everything



The night always felt special. Important. She had her crystals around her, a candle was lit. Everything was silent, the world asleep. She did not want to waste this time. This time when she could walk between worlds. 

If there is one thing that has turned my life view upside down, it’s astral projection.

I was drawn to the magic of it. I wondered if it was even possible, if it was too good to be true. I had long felt a sense of loss at the fact that magic only existed in stories and on television. But I still held a small hope that it was indeed possible to visit other dimensions.

I bought books on the subject. I read everything I could online, joined forums and asked questions in chat rooms.

One girl said she had astral projected into a field of violets. I was in love with those words, the idea of experiencing something so magical.

I also began practicing the techniques I picked up from reading about astral travel, and tried them out every day.

I want to mention that I had very recently lost my dad and I wanted to know where people go when they die. It seemed so strange that someone  whom I had loved more than anyone else and had been such a huge part of my life, was suddenly gone. He had to have gone somewhere. I wanted to know where that somewhere was.

Every day after school I would take a nap. I would concentrate on a small angel on my nightstand, one a kind lady had given me with the words ‘Hope’ written on it. I would try to remember it in as much detail as possible with my eyes closed.

I began to notice odd things while lying in bed. Sometimes I’d feel my hands move, even though I could at the same time feel them lying perfectly still. I realized I had to be feeling my astral hands as they felt very light and floaty.

One time I could see my room even though my eyes were closed.

Continue to My First Astral Experience. 

Here is a stunning video about astral projection. Myself and some friends of mine share our experiences. I’m the blond girl in green with an accent. Thank you Total View for making this.