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Beautiful Dreams

Sometimes I have dreams that feel like a gift.

Last night I was in a beautiful landscape, and my spirit soaked it up like rain water. I remember simply watching the clouds, feeling the wind in my hair, thinking, I’m gathering jewels in my soul because it was all so beautiful. I thought of the Goddess as I fell asleep, and maybe she brought me a moment of magic, of beauty. 

The dream world tends to be even more vibrant and colorful than this one, those moments when it shows up crystal clear. 

And then I woke up and heard the morning birds, the ones calling out the time before sunrise. The world was a soft, dark blue and they must be different birds than the ones singing during the day because they sound different, mystical, magical. I listened for a while and then got up, crawled into bed, because I had fallen asleep on the couch. I’ve been sick with a stomach virus, but I feel a bit better today, on the inside as well. Maybe my dreams revived me a little. I feel I can write again. 

I stood by the window, in my chilled, almost frozen bedroom, and watched the moon. A winter cold moon I thought, even though it’s spring. It was round and full and the world had fallen silent around it. 

I feel I live for drops of beauty in my life, moments I can tuck away somewhere inside of me. And they are everywhere, especially in spring when the world is ready to burst forth with color, and yet is taking its time doing it. In a way, I’m glad because then there is time to watch it happen. Yesterday my husband and I drove to look for something he lost while stopping along the road a few days ago. We ended up wading through a hill full of windflower, which made me want to lie down among them and feel their voices. We didn’t find what we came for, but we got to be in an ocean of white for a while. 

I also wanted to share some videos with you. There’s a series of them, where myself and others are talking about astral projection, dreams etc. You can also see my husband there, a guy with dark curly hair and a friendly face. I feel a bit shy sharing, just because it’s hard to see myself on video, but maybe you’d like to watch them. 

Catching Stars in your Cloak

Catching the stars in your cloak ..... Marianne Stokes (1855-1927)

Catching the stars in your cloak ….. Marianne Stokes (1855-1927)

One day I’d like to invite someone in for tea, herbal tea and cookies. Something made from lavender, or rose.

I’ll have crystals and flowers in my window sills, and we’ll sit for a moment of silence, watching white light or rain fall on glass, hear the sweet sound of chimes in the wind.

Then they’ll talk, and I’ll listen, and see a flame trapped inside. I’ll show them their light, their beauty, what they can bring to the world, and to themselves. Maybe I’ll speak of the Goddess, if I feel they want to know her, – the true healer of hearts, and I’ll let them talk, and cry, until the river is spent, and the sky clears, if only for a moment.

I want to create a place of healing for them, with fragrances, incense, sacred oils. A place beyond time, to rest, to recover, to remember the spirit, and dreams of the heart.

I feel this place inside of me, in a house of white walls, and I wish for it to be created, some day, when everything is ready. When I’m ready. Perhaps one day we’ll all bless ourselves and others, touching the world with our dreams.

It was the farmer’s market that brought this back to me, and the woman at her stall, surrounded by lavender. I bought herbs from her, and she gave me apple mint tea, and I wanted to linger for a while, because the sweetness of that place felt like something I needed.

I feel we can bring so much healing to others, by sharing of ourselves, our gifts.


I felt it was a day of dreams, and spirit speaking. I bought a book on sale, that I had wanted to read again. It sat alone outside the shop, waiting for me, a book about daring to live our dreams. Dare your life, it said.

I did share a little of myself that day. I went to the hairdresser, and felt shy, as I always do when I feel I’m expected to talk, to somehow entertain others. What I really wanted was to read or close my eyes, but that felt a little rude, so I politely responding to his questions as best I could.

Then I felt more comfortable asking him questions, about his life, his dreams even, as I had shared that I wanted to write a book.

And he told me many things, interesting things, that you would never know from just looking at someone. And he said he too wanted to write, but he didn’t think he had the time, didn’t think he could do it. And yet, he seemed inspired, and that uplifted me, and I hoped he would honor his desire to create something, to share stories from his life.

I told him I actually had written a book, a very short one, and I gave him the name of it. He looked it up and said he would check it out, and seemed sincere. Again felt very shy, but grateful, happy even. I was glad that I had written that little book, and didn’t feel so much like tearing it apart like I often want with things I create. I felt grateful that I had tried, that I had written something from the heart, from a place deep within and put it out there. Because I wanted to, hoping it could bring a bit of light to someone.

What do you dream of? 

I’m sharing a video in Norwegian, but with English subtitles. It’s an interview with the author of Dare Your Life.

A Lucid Dream

burnejones23I had a beautiful dream last night, which made me linger in bed as long as I could, going through every detail that I could remember.

Sometimes I feel I’m given special dreams when I feel bad about myself, when I wish to change. Maybe it’s a gift, a way to help me move forward.

Before going to bed I saw something beautiful that touched me, and maybe it opened me up to go somewhere new in my dreams, someplace with meaning, soul and beauty.

I saw my dad, and I was so happy to be with him again. We hugged, and I cried. He looked wonderful, younger, his hair more black than it was when he died. 

At some point I realized I was dreaming. I looked around me, amazed at the clarity of the mountains.

I went to a place that was very familiar to me, and yet I had never been there, at least not in this lifetime. Has that ever happened to you?

I’m curious about what is going on in realms beyond this one, what I could discover there. Those places feel so close, like stepping through a doorway, slipping behind the veil. 

I yearn for more clarity in my dreams, and mystical experiences while asleep in my bed; to wake up with a sense of magic.