The Valkyrie's Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes

The Valkyrie’s Vigil by Edward Robert Hughes

Thinking about gifts made me remember something else I was given, after the many losses in my family. The mom of a friend gave me a tiny angel in stainless steel, with the words HOPE written on it. That too felt very special to me. She said she had bought in the US.

How strange that a few years later I would move to California for love, for adventure, finding my own hope and life there. 

That angel was special to me. I kept it on my night stand. After my dad passed away I became very curious about what happens when we die, where we go. I searched online, and bought books, trying to learn as much as I could about astral projection. I would then go to sleep concentrating on my little angel, seeing it my mind’s eye, because that’s what I had read I should do.

This is how I had my first out of body experience, which became a portal for me, a doorway into a new way of seeing the world, and my life in it. I realized there was so much more than I’d been taught to believe. There was a whole new realm full of magic and possibilities, where I could fly and move through doors, visit distant places. And it was real, very real, as vivid as my life here. 

An article on astral projection 

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  1. Lucia
    September 16, 2015 at 7:07 pm (3 years ago)

    Hi Anne,

    How nice about that US angel! 🙂 Have you actually astral projected while focusing on it?

    I can relate to the magic of the astral – love when it is clear and I can be taught or shown things… Wish more people knew about it and how ti is a real dimension, not just some mind-creations as some people believe.

    • Anne Linn
      September 17, 2015 at 8:41 am (3 years ago)

      I think the angel just helped me to concentrate. I’m not sure if I actually projected by focusing on it, but I remember sensations such as my hands floating up, and being able to see my room through my closed eyelids.

      I wish more people knew about it too, and could tap into its magic 🙂


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