How Astral Projection Changed Everything



The night always felt special. Important. She had her crystals around her, a candle was lit. Everything was silent, the world asleep. She did not want to waste this time. This time when she could walk between worlds. 

If there is one thing that has turned my life view upside down, it’s astral projection.

I was drawn to the magic of it. I wondered if it was even possible, if it was too good to be true. I had long felt a sense of loss at the fact that magic only existed in stories and on television. But I still held a small hope that it was indeed possible to visit other dimensions.

I bought books on the subject. I read everything I could online, joined forums and asked questions in chat rooms.

One girl said she had astral projected into a field of violets. I was in love with those words, the idea of experiencing something so magical.

I also began practicing the techniques I picked up from reading about astral travel, and tried them out every day.

I want to mention that I had very recently lost my dad and I wanted to know where people go when they die. It seemed so strange that someone  whom I had loved more than anyone else and had been such a huge part of my life, was suddenly gone. He had to have gone somewhere. I wanted to know where that somewhere was.

Every day after school I would take a nap. I would concentrate on a small angel on my nightstand, one a kind lady had given me with the words ‘Hope’ written on it. I would try to remember it in as much detail as possible with my eyes closed.

I began to notice odd things while lying in bed. Sometimes I’d feel my hands move, even though I could at the same time feel them lying perfectly still. I realized I had to be feeling my astral hands as they felt very light and floaty.

One time I could see my room even though my eyes were closed.

Continue to My First Astral Experience. 

Here is a stunning video about astral projection. Myself and some friends of mine share our experiences. I’m the blond girl in green with an accent. Thank you Total View for making this.











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