My First Astral Projection (Out of Body Experience)

1463091_599907573391782_537490665_nI remember my first astral projection very well. It was a few days before Christmas. I was grieving the loss of my dad.

I went to bed in the middle of the day.

I remember “waking up” to a loud and very strange noise. I remember thinking of a train, though that doesn’t quite describe it. I was on my side when I looked at my hand, expecting to see it shaking, only to see it lying there perfectly still, perfectly normal.

The sound went away within a few moments and called out to my brother and his wife who were in the living room, at the end of the hallway. I tried to lift my head from my pillow, but it felt incredibly heavy. I could barely move it. Feeling scared, I called out for help a second time.

Suddenly I found that I could move again, and got up.

I remember hearing voices, as though someone had turned on the radio. I walked out of my bedroom and down the hallway. Just as I reached the living room door, I woke up in my bed.

This experience, though a little frightening, excited me more than anything else. I had done it! I had actually had an out of body experience! I couldn’t wait to try it again.

Later I learned that feeling paralyzed was a normal process of astral projection. That it happens when the body falls asleep and the ability to move hasn’t yet transferred to the astral body. The best thing to do is to relax and wait for it to pass.

Astral projection  changed the way I saw life. I now knew there was so much more than what the eye can see. There was magic, real true magic. And I knew that I could exist outside my physical body, and that there was a whole other world waiting to be explored.

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