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On sharing my writing

There’s a plastic bag that has flown into the highest tree outside my window. It’s stayed there for over a month now, shining as white as the snow around it. Sitting by the kitchen table I observe it, wondering when it’ll move on. Not even the strongest gust of wind can make it leave. I realise I must be living a very quiet village life, since this is one of the

things I notice.

My husband is away for a week on his own adventure, so things are more quiet than usual. I went for a walk today in the melting snow, listening to the sounds of trickling streams, the traffic noise in the distance. Spring is in the air.

Things come to me when I’m walking. Vulnerable insights. I want to write about the Goddess in a very personal way. I want to explore what it means to be loved, what it means to be brave. How not to feel so alone.

Awenna bowed her head, tears stinging her eyes.
“I could have done better…”
The Goddess was silent. She was glorious standing there in the fall of snow and light, her white gown shimmering like ice, a thousand falling diamonds. Awenna gazed up at her, overcome by emotion.
“Did I waste my gifts?”

I haven’t shared much of my writing because it’s still unedited. Still very raw. But it feels good to show fragments of what I’m working on. I’ve been sitting in silence in my room for so long, lost in my own imagination.

I’ve been working on my novel every morning, and there’s still much left to do. It’s a steep learning curve for me, discovering how to write a novel in my second language. Exploring where I want this story to go. I’m working on finding my footing in more ways than one. I’ve been a ghost of myself for so long, but I’m bringing more colour into my life these days and writing is a big part of that.

I want to live the life of a priestess. At least internally, drawing closer to the Goddess every day. Battling through my fears. This is why I want so much to write about a young woman stepping into the role of a priestess. Of course I couldn't resist giving her magic. Powerful light magic.

I'm wishing you a beautiful rest of February. Much love and light.

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