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Priestess of Light - A Work in Progress

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

I've been reflecting on what inspired my current work in progress - Priestess of Light. The story has slowly shaped itself into what it is now - something very different from how it first stared out. But the idea of magic, friendship and ancient gods has been with me for long time.

A Time of Goddess Temples

I've often wondered what it would have been like to stay at a temple honouring the Goddess. To wear the robe of a priestess every day and live a life dedicated to the gods. I long for a time that might have existed ages ago. That we can glimpse in the ruins of ancient temples.

But I also long for magic and heroic deeds. Knights on horseback and people who can conjure water, fire and lightning into their hands. I weave all this into my story, dreaming up a world of wonder, love and enchantments.

The Value of Inner Strength

I also wanted to write a story where inner strength was a big part of the story. I think going through difficulties can make us stronger and wiser. Watching Lord of the Rings, I felt Éowyn was able to face the Witch King because of what she had been through. She already knew pain and darkness, so she was able to stand her ground when everyone else fled in fear. And she loved the person she was protecting - her uncle, the king.

The main character of my story, Ayla, goes through difficulties that she has to overcome. She finds love and friendship, though it might all be taken away from her unless she decides to fight in a battle she has long wished to avoid. At the core of her struggle is her faith. She once lost everything, so how can she trust that the gods are guiding and protecting her now?

Ayla is born with powers that are steadily growing and at times she wants to run from all the burdens put on her shoulders. But peace might be found in unlikely places.

This novel be only be the first in a series. I can't wait to share it with you!

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