604162_493610794021461_1203230310_nWalking with the Goddess. The cold air, white ground, white all around me. The trees are heavy with snow, the sky a heavy grey, the wind steadily increasing.

I stop in one of my favorite spots, where the stream trickles through the silence all around me. It’s not very cold, and I feel pleasantly warm in my thick jacket, happy to be in nature again.

I feel like a priestess. I relax. My heart is open. Something inside of me shakes, perhaps from fear. It’s hard to stay present, to not tense up and hide again. I open myself to the Goddess, to her guidance. I ask her questions, little things that trouble me, wondering if it’s Ok for me to be at peace.

Something glitters inside of me. It feels like the touch of the Goddess. I look at the pristine snow and it reminds me of her.


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