What is a Priest/ess?


The idea of being a priestess is something that has often inspired me on my spiritual journey.  It made me feel a sense of reverence in everything I did.

When trying to be aware during the day I would go about things as I imaged a priestess would. She would do things in awareness, no matter what it was, cooking, arranging flowers, talking to people, putting on her shoes. Most importantly, the Goddess would be at the center of her life. Everything she did would be an act of worship, even something as simple as brushing her teeth.

I’ve found that I’m the happiest when I’m near my divine mother, when I have faith, when I feel her love. And I’ve found that I can be close to her in everything I do, but that I have to work to get there. I have to put my divine mother first and try to understand what she wants for me, and try to do her will.

There must have been a time when priests and priestesses gathered at the temple in worship of the Goddess. I find myself longing for a time when our greatest wish was to be close to the divine.

Perhaps there were buildings of white stone by the water, or on a mountain, surrounded by trees. A place filled with the sounds of nature, of birds and little streams, and of singing, people singing their love for divinity.

I want to get closer to my divine mother, closer closer, always closer. It’s difficult, there are a lot of things inside of me that fights back, that want things to stay as they are, that doesn’t want to feel love, that likes misery. It’s so easy to throw good things away.

Lets gather in a circle, in our robes, around a sacred fire. Here we pledge to follow the goddess, let her into our hearts and to guard the love she gives us the best we can. We will practice to be present, to be near her and to see others in a clearer light. We will study our dreams and learn to walk the dream world. There are so many ways she can teach us, we need to be open to feel her guidance, in this world and in the one that is hidden.

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